Spotless | Green Upholstery Cleaning Services Don’t toss your favorite sofa just because it’s lost its luster over time. The expert technicians at Eco-Clean Carpet
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Eco Clean

Hardwood Floor Cleaning:

Hardwood floors get dirty just like carpet and tile, and cleaning your wood floors is a great way to prolong the life of your hardwood floors. We use a low PH solution with our machine that sprays, scrubs and squeegees in a matter of seconds.



Hardwood Floor Refinishing:Eco Clean

Standard Refinishing _ Sanding down old surfaces. Stain and finish with water based finish or Swedish finish. We are able to add color, remove scratches, etc. Your floors will be essentially brand new when we are finished!

Sand less Refinishing – We offer a sand less hardwood floor refinishing system and our method is used for putting a new finish on existing floors. We clean and etch the top layer of finish to ensure a new finish adheres to the wood. This refinishing method does a great job of filling in light scratches and some pet scratches  If you are moving into a new home or want to update your current home, this is a great solution to give you a fresh new floor that will seal and protect for years to come!