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Roof Cleaning and Moss Treatment

We offer several different solutions when it comes to roof cleaning and maintenance. Our services are determined by the material of the roof (metal, tile, shingle, wood) and the condition.


We offer the following services:


  • Pressure Washing Roofs
    • This works create for tile roofs, and metal roofs.


  • Low-Pressure High Volume Cleaning
    • This is a good option on most roof types. We use a pressure washer with a high volume of water, at a low pressure… under 1,000 psi. It does a great job of cleaning up without damaging.


  • Air Cleaning with High-Ppressure Air Compressor
    • We offer this service primarily on wood and shingle roofs. We use a large air compressor that is towed by our truck… the machine operates a lot like a pressure washer, except it uses air instead of water.


  • Broom Off and Treatment
    • The most common and most economical… we clean the rood with a broom and back pack blower… then treat the roof for moss. As the moss dies it will wash away with the rain… over time.